Speeches - Finding the right words


You have the great honour of being selected as Best Man at your friend's wedding. You're delighted to organize the stag night and you feel quite confident about looking after the rings. Also, you look rather dapper in a top hat and tails. Aaah, no .... the best man's speech. Let Plume and Escritoire do the hard work. A few details on the bride and groom, their likes and dislikes, wedding style etc, can be transformed into a charming speech that will touch their hearts and make their day ultra-special. You just have to read from a page and bask in the accolades that follow.

Groom, bride, father of the bride, matron of honour ... let Plume and Escritoire be part of your happy toast.

Public Speaking

You're a genius in your field. Everyone comes to you as the expert in your sphere. Although it's flattering to be asked to address a crowd of enthusiasts, how do you coordinate your ideas and get a speech that hits all the right notes? The Plume and Escritoire writer has faced the crowds and delivered the message. Your ghost-writer is talented and experienced. You can just enjoy the applause and blush joyfully as your peers congratulate you on your erudite and captivating performance. 


It's a big night as you accept your award and say thank you to all your supporters. Let Plume and Escritoire sculpt your speech, making this a night to remember and cherish.

Presentations at work

The monthly sales meeting is coming around. As usual you will  have to stand in front of colleagues and managers in the boardroom, delivering a fresh and incisive presentation. You have other deadlines, you're feeling tired and not very confident with IT. Let Plume and Escritoire take the strain. With vast experience of business management and corporate identity, the Plume and Escritoire writer can compose an inspiring and creative solution. You just read it from the page or click a button for the PowerPoint presentation to begin. Hey Presto! Suddenly you're the company star and the guy most likely to get a promotion.