A Beautiful Life

Getting Started

The Plume and Escritoire writer will work with you to decide on wordcount, number of pages, layout and graphics. A sample page of your biography can be drafted - free of charge.

Creative Pathways

In a series of friendly and professional discussions, you give the details and guidelines so that Plume and Escritoire can produce a biography - your life, your rules.

Book of Life

Check the full biography draft to ensure that you are happy with the format, style and wording. Chapters and graphics are put together, printed and bound. 

Destiny - The Magic of Being

Family Tome

A heartwarming history of family ties. With photographs of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, siblings and cousins, generations of devotion are bound together in this glorious volume. Recollections of cherished moments and happy anecdotes form the narrative. An incredible archive of family love.

Love Stories

The moment your eyes met, you knew that cupid's arrow had struck. The butterflies of a first date and the thrill of walking down the aisle ... all noted and recorded.  Photographs of the hen night and stag night (or are they censored?), wedding day and honeymoon, illustrate this stunning album. A stylish and thoughtful wedding gift!

Words of Wisdom

The echoes of your voice are preserved on the page in this extraordinary book. Your sage advice and words of comfort will support and guide your descendants. Think of all the joys you've had and all the mistakes you've made. How would you help others to live a fruitful and rewarding life? Your advice will travel across the generations, sustaining and motivating.