The Ultimate Business Package


For businesses and charities, reports are crucial. Annual reports, newsletters, funding-accountability reports, monthly target and forecast summaries ...the list goes on. Report-writing is a honed skill and those with flair for the written word can turn these documents into a magnum opus, a rallying cry or PR gold. Let Plume and Escritoire chart the facts with a dash of literary panache. 

"Eastwood People’s Initiative was delighted with the help Hannah gave us recently. We are a very small drop-in centre and spend most of our time supporting people, often finding it difficult to find time to write reports. Hannah came to help us write our Annual Report. She listened to all our centre users and produced what our trustees deemed “our best report ever". Thank you Hannah for your excellent and modestly priced service and the kindness and empathy you showed." 


Charities may be struggling for donations, busy helping clients and documenting outputs and outcomes to satisfy funding bodies. Finances are stretched. Let Plume and Escritoire step in on short contracts. One day a week for a month could see the Plume and Escritoire writer step in to write reports, polish and revive website content, organize exciting publicity strategies and formulate methods to reach out to donors with a subtle and professional approach. Pragmatic, results-driven and with an aptitude for commerce, the Plume and Escritoire writer can deliver a comprehensive package of solutions - web content, report writing, donor correspondence and publicity initiatives. 

Choose Plume and Escritoire

Why hire a communications executive and pay an annual salary when Plume and Escritoire can step in and offer solutions as-and-when you need them? It makes financial sense and provides a breath of fresh air as a new face and new ideas create new pathways to progress.

Tailor-made solutions

Each professional service is crafted to suit your needs.

Bid Writing

Superb writing skills combined with business acumen - Plume and Escritoire can hone and polish your bids. The PR service could boost your fundraising initiatives.

Annual & Monthly Reports

For businesses and charities, reports and newsletters are important documents. They're a key route to winning new business and building a focussed team.

Accountability Studies

Detailed and clear reports, showing funders and donors how money is spent. Analysis of objectives and achievements.


Fresh and incisive boardroom presentations with a strong grasp of business management and corporate identity. 

Website Content

Promotes your message and ethos. Writing for businesses and charities to establish a brand and raise awareness.


Press releases, articles for newspapers and magazines, posters, events management and public relations.