A Social Conscience

Community Matters

Plume and Escritoire is keen to help build harmonious and resourceful communities. Reaching out to help vulnerable people, we can provide the springboard to success. We have a strong sense of social responsibility and believe that humanitarian love is the heartbeat of healthy society. Fairness and good ethics are essential to us.

Workshops and Presentations

Plume and Escritoire is often approached with requests for training. We welcome all suggestions. Each workshop or discussion is tailored to fit the needs of your organization and help your service-users to evolve and thrive.

Creative Writing For Wellbeing - This nurturing and expressive project aims to give each individual a greater sense of emotional balance and optimism.

Starting A Business - Giving the information and strategy on how to be the founder of your own company and take control of your own destiny. Your skills, your ideas, your willpower - let's power-up your enterprise. 

Job Club - Being out of work can impact on your sense of identity and self-esteem, as well as your wallet. Let's build the ladder that sees you galloping to the top.

All these workshops are ideal for charities. The Plume and Escritoire writer has immense experience of training in the voluntary sector. Each seminar is set to empower those in the greatest need and bring positive change for all.

Mentoring and Support

With a track record in proofreading, editing and restructuring, the Plume and Escritoire writer has helped aspiring novelists and playwrights, budding journalists and ambitious academics.

Charity service-users can find a route out of poverty and despair by polishing and extending their skill-set and connecting with the right people to help their dreams come true.

All the projects listed are suitable for the voluntary sector, support agencies, neighbourhood groups and friendship gatherings. They offer social integration and creative learning.

Kindness, respect and encouragement are always shown. We believe that professional courtesy and human warmth make a happy bond. 

Get in touch for a casual chat about options: plumeandescritoire@gmail.com

01773 764992

Happy Gatherings - Real life Testimonials

A New Venture

'This course is to be highly recommended. I have enjoyed it immensely. Many Thanks.' - Barbara.

'An awesome chat and really enjoyed it. ' - JW.

'I would like to say a big 'Thank you' to Hannah for being so informative and kind on the course that I attended. I found it to be so helpful in dealing with anxiety and it made me realise that even when we are struggling with 'mental health' there is so much out there to help with getting back to leading a fuller life.' - K x.

Starting a Business

'The DDCIL Wellbeing Group was very happy with the event delivered by Hannah.  The disabled people present found the session inspiring and thought provoking.  The handouts were practical and useful and there was plenty of time to ask questions and relate the topics to people’s own life experience.  Thank you Hannah.' 


 -   Debbie Newton, Counselling Team Leader, Disability Derbyshire.  27th February 2018.

Pathways to Progress

Whether it's volunteering, community challenges, internships or entrepreneurial zeal, Plume and Escritoire is eager to motivate and enthral.

Plume and Escritoire believes that we all have the capacity to do brilliant things in life, to be daring and innovative, masters of invention. Your talent deserves to shine. Let's dazzle.

The universe needs your unique sparkle!

Book Club

Plume and Escritoire is thrilled to announce the availability of Book Clubs for your charity or community group. Our range of reading options covers every genre, from the Victorian social novel to a wacky comic fantasy, from highbrow Shakespeare to modern avant-garde prize-winners. We're also eager to showcase novels from around the globe, letting you sample the flavours of international talent. Notes and guidance are included.

Location - Global Village

Our workshops, bookclubs and mentoring can be done in your local village hall, your charity boardroom, a chic local cafe or a nearby library. Plume and Escritoire has a global reach. Thanks to the glorious internet, we can get together via e-mail, messenger, skype or face-to-face. The Plume and Escritoire writer is happy to sashay onto the Eurostar or cram stilettos and notepads into the flightbag. We can enjoy the Plume and Escritoire journey together!


Do I have to speak out in workshops and get involved in discussions? - No. Each workshop is designed to bring comfort and inspiration. You can participate as much or as little as you wish. Handouts are often provided and I'm happy for you to contact me after the workshop to discuss any queries.