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Based in leafy Derbyshire, England, Plume and Escritoire accepts commissions from all over the world. Creating memoirs which can be treasured for generations to come, we offer exquisite artisan designs. Working with large print corporations and quirky, creative bookbinders we can realize your vision.

A bespoke service, where each memoir is written to capture your unique voice and precious life experience. Your time on this earth is your footprint. Let future generations learn from your triumphs and struggles, with a manuscript that chronicles those endeavours. In many years to come, your words will still be read and heard. You are the inspiration. Create a lasting literary legacy. The tales of your life are an important social history. Share your life, loves and wisdom. Working with a talented  and sensitive ghostwriter, see your beautiful ideas borne out on the page and let future generations see the testimony of your life.

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